Dr RICARDO PERSAUD | UK board Consultant ENT Surgeon

Standards in ENT

Dr. Ricardo is very keen on providing exceptional standard of care to patients and regularly performs audits on standards.

Some of his published audits:
  1. How we do it: An audit on Action on ENT Baseline Standards in ENT Depts in the England. Clinical Otolaryngology 2006; 31: 334-338. Persaud R., Hajioff, D, Georgalas C, Bentley M, Silva S, Narula A.
  2. A multicentre audit of single-use surgical instruments (SUSIs) for tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy Annals Royal College Surgeons of England2007, 89:616-623. O’Flynn P, Silva S, Kothari P, Persaud R.
  3. A repeat audit on Action on ENT Baseline Standards in ENT Departments in England Clinical Otolaryngology 2011; 36: 77-81. Persaud R, Rennie C, Metha N & Narula A.
  4. A pilot audit of Paediatrics ENT Standards in London and Greater London: Are we providing a First Class Service? Clinical Otolaryngology 2011; 36 (4): 406-408. Varadharajan K, Persaud R, Al-Reefy H, Rennie C, Narula A.
standards in ENT